Outrevie-Afterlife | Nos autres vies
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Nos autres vies


Nos autres vies, 2018

Video, 00:49:45


de / avec  –  by / with

Raymonde April, Jessica Auer, Jacques Bellavance, Velibor Božović, Gwynne Fulton, Katie Jung, Jinyoung Kim, Lise Latreille, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Marie-Christine Simard, Bogdan Stoica, Andrea Szilasi, Chih-Chien Wang
Extraits / Excerpts
Raymonde April, Tout embrasser, 2000
Chih-Chien Wang, Under Two Lights, 2016
Outre-vie / Afterlife, Memories of Afterlife, 2017
Raymonde April, Near You No Cold, 2015
Bogdan Stoica, Slava, 2014
Velibor Božović, Nothing Will Surprise You Here, 2017
Marie-Christine Simard, Gagnon, 2018
Jessica Auer, Keno City Of Silver, 2015-2017
Jessica Auer, Still Ruins, Moving Stones, 2013-2014
Jinyoung Kim, House Of Artists, 2015
Jinyoung Kim, Days Of Summer, 2015-
Jinyoung Kim, The Objects, 2015



et des extraits inédits de |

and unpublished excerpts by
Jinyoung Kim, Raymonde April, Chih-Chien Wang, Velibor Božović, Jessica Auer, Bogdan Stoica

Sélection et montage / Selection and Editing: Bogdan Stoica
Son / Sound: Peter Hostak