Outrevie-Afterlife | September 23, 2013
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September 23, 2013


Chih-Chien joins the group as a new member.

We muse about “afterlife”—Raymonde introduces the origin of the concept and the poet Marie Uguay as main referent for the term. Then she shows a collection of films on DVDs that she has been recording from her cable TV.

We settle on a plan for the regular meeting schedules, clarifying some of the logistical details about the group’s bursaries and funding.

Idea of going to a retreat in another country together comes up. But meanwhile, Velibor pitches the idea of a shorter retreat to a cottage that his friend owns that we can potentially rent for a weekend. What do we do on this retreat? We could take photos and maybe bring a printer with us so that we can print them right away. We are excited about going for a trip together!

The discussion moves to what we should be doing in the “regular” meetings. As a start, we agree to present our current projects to the group. One or two persons per meeting. Also, members can bring outside materials of interest to them to share with the group.

Chih-Chien asks the group:

Do you believe in ghosts?