Outrevie-Afterlife | October 20, 2014
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October 20, 2014


Regular meeting at Hexagram

We talk about how we would like to proceed in planning for our next trip to the house of the Vermette couple. We share the experience of being in that space, our first encounter with their work, and the man who takes care of the space. The house and the studio left a strong impression on us, they felt much like a museum, with details of their practice and living space arranged as a display. Things were laid out for us to see on their studio table—books, working plans, drawings, memos, materials. Also, their works were on the studio walls and floor. The visit was a chance for us to gain insight into their process. Their house was also very curated, as if expecting visitors. The dining table looked like it was just before supper, with cutlery, plates, and wine glasses laid out for each seat. We were advised not to go upstairs—the second floor of the house had their bedrooms, storage spaces, and guest rooms.

 We share some of the images that we have already taken and briefly discuss what each of us would do at the house.