Outrevie-Afterlife | May 8–11, 2015
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May 8–11, 2015

Second artist retreat at the House of the Antique Dealer and the House of the Sculptor in Kamouraska

Day 1

We decided that we would come back to the same houses in Kamouraska this year. This time, nine artists are onboard. We are on this trip with certain decisions and resolutions on our minds that relate to our upcoming show at the Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-St-Paul and the fate of the Digital Imaging lab at the former Hexagram. Our goal is to make concrete decisions regarding the presentation of the publications for the Mariette project, and strategies to keep our research space alive.

We arrive in the late afternoon and settle into our rooms. We feel a lot more comfortable and at home this time. The houses have remained quite the same as a year before. Rather than taking out our cameras, we seem to be more into sharing ideas with each other and discussing different possibilities for the research group’s future endeavours.

Meanwhile, Jessica still has a plan to cross the river and get to the island at low tide. Celia might join her. Velibor is still not convinced that it is a good idea.

Some of us take a walk to the pier. It is windy, with spectacular light reflecting off the surface of the water, and we sit down and look at the horizon together. Bogdan asks Raymonde if she would be his advisor for his graduating work. Jessica and Jin take photos of the water.