Outrevie-Afterlife | May 31, 2015
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May 31, 2015

Pre-summer potluck at Raymonde’s (Jessica’s birthday)

Our final meeting before the summer. Continuing our ongoing discussion on the group’s potential projects, we have already discussed making an archive of images, sound, and text about our activities. This was rooted in the idea that we will be further accumulating materials and at some point in the future we will have enough to work with to realize a publication and/or a show that is about the collective spirit of the group and the image-making process.

Another development was that, realizing that our research fund will be coming to an end, we should be thinking on concrete terms, where we would like to exhibit and publish.

At this meeting, we concluded that each of us should think about what to show if we had an exhibition as a group. What projects are people working on now? Can these individual works be part of the show? How are they related to the group research and the broad concept of “afterlife”?

Velibor’s email after the potluck:

Dear all,

It seemed to me that in our last meeting (kick-ass food, minus that one salad) I was tasked (in a subtle way) with starting a preliminary proposal for our future exhibit/intervention (feel free to let me know immediately if that’s not the case, so I can go back to Netflixing). At least to collect some material so we can start working on it. I’m currently reading through numerous Afterlife documents in order to collect what could potentially be used.

Additionally, we all need to start thinking about the work we want to show (I know it’s early, I know). So, please send me a sentence (max. two) about your work to be part of this game-changing show to come. If you have no idea what it’s going to be then come up with the best, most convincing BS you can come up with (in two sentences) . . . so good that you convince yourself to believe it. Anyhow, it will all change with time but we need to start somewhere.

Merci and arrivederci,