Outrevie-Afterlife | February 22, 2016
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February 22, 2016

A-Team morning meeting at Post Image Lounge

The archive committee meets to go through the collected materials in order to identify a theme and a conceptual direction for the collaborative work. The idea is to use the collected materials as a starting point, and each of us would find a way to work with them to realize a piece. As an exercise, each committee member will take the time to go through the archive on their own and come up with a curatorial idea, a video piece, or a selection of images that they would propose to the collective as a prototype for collaboration.

Jin and Andrea have already gone through the archive and made selections on their own prior to this meeting, and have brought some prints. Jin has also made a short video based on the archive.

The committee identified the presence of the Kamouraska landscape as a dominant theme in the archive. A large proportion of the images selected by our committee having been taken there, we discuss the possibility of making it one of the narrative threads in the show.