Outrevie-Afterlife | April 10, 2016
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April 10, 2016

Potluck at Raymonde’s

Since our last meeting, Raymonde has been approached by Anne-Marie Proulx at VU in Québec City regarding a group show in September 2016 around the idea of community. It is a serendipitous opportunity for us, as we have been working with similar ideas for the collaborative sections of our exhibition proposals. VU’s vision for the show is timely in that respect, as they invited the collective to present work in their European space (their small exhibition room). Anne-Marie is visiting Montréal for a few days and Raymonde has invited her to meet all of us at the potluck meeting today. She joins us in the afternoon.

The group decides to work with VU for the exhibition, which sets the timeline for the production.

Based on our last meeting, when the archive committee presented their works, we are now convinced of the idea of working with the archive to generate a show that formalizes the traces of our time together as an artwork.