Outrevie-Afterlife | June 14–15, 2016
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June 14–15, 2016


June 14–15, 2016, curator meeting at Raymonde’s

 Raymonde, Jin, and MC get together as a small group to refine the editing process for the show. The goal is to make a concrete selection and come up with sequencing before the end of May in order for it to be printed in early July for the show. Based on the selection we made with the other members, we bring the piles to make final choices. Once we have nailed the selection of images, we put them on the wall to decide on the scale for each of them. We look at them again and again, shift the scale a few times, then make a solid selection of forty-four photographs to include in the show, pooling from different artists’ archives.

 While we are at it, we make provisional decisions for Mumbai’s Focus Photography Festival. For this show, we are presenting works from individual practices. The show will be an outdoor installation.

 After the meetings, Raymonde works with the floor plan to see if all the images will fit. It turns out that the space will be filled with photographs of different sizes.

June 27, 2016, potluck at Raymonde’s

The work for the show is nearing an end. Concrete sequencing is presented at the dinner table as a physical maquette. The collective is happy to see the idea being materialized. We are also happy about the start of the summer!